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Johnson Brothers is a main stockist for a full range of horse feed from all of the major manufacturers.  Our comprehensive supply includes Dengie, Spillers, Dodson & Horrell, Baileys, Top Spec and Marksway. From high performance mix for competition Horse Feed from Johnson Brothershorses, conditioning feeds for showing and breeding to light blends for leisure or resting horses Johnson Brothers has feed suitable for every horse.

We also stock our own 'Johnson Brothers' branded feeds, including the popular 'Sweet Chaff with Alfalfa'. Just ask us for details.

If you are not sure which is the best feed for your horse, we are happy to discuss this with you and provide advice on which type of feed will suit your horse's individual requirements. Our suppliers also offer feeding advice so if you have any questions we will be able to find out the answer for you.

Horse Feed Supplements from Johnson BrothersTo complement our range of equine feed, we stock a large variety of supplements including NAF, Global Herbs, Equine America and Blue Chip.  For those of you who like to give your horses a treat, we have a large selection including the popular Naglets range.

Feedline Advice:

All of our manufacturer's offer feeding and nutritional advice.  We can give you their telephone numbers so that you can call and discuss your individual needs, or visit our Useful Links page for direct links to their web sites.

Laminitic Feeds

Johnson Brothers supplies a wide range of specialist feeds for laminitic horses and ponies.  These feeds all carry the approval mark of The Laminitis Trust or the Hoof Kind symbol.  Look out for it on the bags or ask us for details

The Laminitis Trust

The Hoof Kind Symbol for Laminitic Feed

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