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Johnsons Feed Johnson Feeds is proud to announce an affordable range of light feeds to suit all equines.

All of our chaffs are home grown and created by our staff every day on site. Only the best, quality ingredients are used.

Sweet Chaff with Alfalfa

Lightly mollassed fibre feed containing oat straw, alfalfa with a light coating of molasses with Soya oil, fenegreek, garlic and salt, suitable for most horses and ponies in light to moderate work.

Apple Chaff Light

Very lightly molassed fibre feed containing oat straw, alfalfa, pure apple powder, fenegreek and Soya oil. Apple Chaff Light is a fibre feed more suitable for horses that cannot deal with large amounts of molasses.

Unmolassed Chaff

Johnsons Unmolassed Chaff is a simple blend of chopped, dust extracted oat straw, alfalfa, fenegreek and mint, with a light coating of Soya oil. Unmolassed Chaff is suited to horses and ponies which require a molasses free diet.

Pure Oat Straw Chaff

Pure Oat Straw Chaff is just chopped, extracted oat straw in a handy 12Kg bale.

Afalfa with Oil

Pure alfalfa chopped lightly, coated with Soya oil with fenegreek and mint in a 20Kg bale suitable for horses and ponies who require a weight gain and condition.

Hay Chop

Hay Chop is a chopped, dust extracted hay in a handy 15Kg bag, it can be added to a feed to provide variety or can be used as a chaff.

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